Reviving the Zambesi Expedition

Revive the Zambesi Expedition in the Lower Shire Valley. Ragna Brouwer, Leiden University, 2011

The purpose of this student research was to explore the relations between historical sources, their reliability, tourism development based on this history, local history of communities, present traditions and the communal identity in Malawi. It is a comprehensive attempt to explore the potential based on a study Ragna Brouwers  carried out earlier in the northern part of Malawi in 2009, on fieldwork she undertook in 2011 in the southern part of Malawi and on the studies conducted by colleague students from NHTV Breda, Susanne Olsthoorn, Marieke Wanders and Marjolein Borst. They studied the infrastructure, local knowledge about tourism and tourism markets in the Lower Shire Valley.


Read the full thesis (© Ragna Brouwers, not for citation): Revive the Zambesi Expedition in the Lower Shire Valley


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