Early Explorers in Tanzania

Tourism Development in the Footsteps of Early Explorers in Tanzania. Dennis Roijakkers, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, 2013.

The aim of this student project was tourism development in East and Central Africa based on the history and narratives of 19th century explorers in Africa (e.g. Livingstone, Stanley, Burton and Speke). This thesis, however, is focused on the narratives of the 19th century explorers in Tanzania. Within this thesis, the concept of FootstepsAfrica will be tested on which concepts will be important in the future. This testing process can be seen as the first stage in creating a new touristic product based on the narratives of 19th century explorers in Tanzania. In order to test this concept, the thesis is divided into three partial studies.

  • To reconstruct from literature the journeys and trails of the 19th century expeditions into Tanzania.
  • To research the potentials of these trails for the development of niche tourism products (accessibility, existing infrastructure, accommodations and transport).
  • To compare the stories, which are written by the 19th century explorers, with the nowadays reality (similarities and differences).

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