Digitalization of Cultural Heritage

Roaming through History. Digitalization of Cultural Heritage. A pilot study about the Usambara Region, Tanzania,

Wageningen University 2014

Roaming through History. Digitalization of Cultural Heritage. A pilot study about the Usambara Region, Tanzania. , Wageningen University 2014

The research project started from the question to what extent it is feasible to use a digital platform to increase awareness of the cultural heritage of Usambara among tourists and locals, and increase the use of these narratives by tourist agencies. It provides a theoretical framework with a review on the power relations and policies in Tanzania to position the study in the context of the current situation. An important aspect is how local participation can  be obtained to increase awareness on cultural heritage in the tourist sector?

A literature review on the conveyance of cultural heritage gives information about the possible ways of transmitting knowledge and how to intertwine these methods into a digital platform for cultural heritage.

In order for a platform to be sustainable and successful, an overview of the conditions for successful community participation in community based tourism is presented, along with a clarification of the relationship between digitization, cultural heritage and community involvement. Consequently, an elaboration of the case study – Usambara, Tanzania – is given with its diverse tourist attractions and the current role of cultural tourism in the area. The report gives a picture of the current tourism sector in Tanzania in general, as well as in Usambara, the region in the northeast of Tanzania.

Following from that, an inventory and analysis is presented on the travel related organizations operating near or in the area, along with the key agencies that will be interesting for FootstepsAfrica to partner with. In addition, an inventory and analysis of resembling projects are provided that will help shape the advice for this digitalization project. Considering the content of the digital platform, a list of missionaries and explorers that have visited Usambara are provided, along with some interesting quotes and their relevance for the platform.

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